‘Start Thinking Big’

Driven by creativity and style, Monica Chawla, Creative Director, Essentia Environments doesn’t support the stereotype discrimination between men and women. She says that it’s high time we treat everyone equally and women should get over from settling down for mediocrity and start thinking big. She shares her views with us and tells us about her journey of taking up designing as a lifestyle.

Q.1 Why did you choose this line of profession for yourself? What was your inspiration?
I have always loved cleaning spaces, this led to styling and styling led to building spaces that one can enjoy in and out. It’s more an innate sense of aesthetics which now allows me to not just think creatively, but also deliver what we imagine and desire.
Being creative, I’ve worked in advertising as well as graphic design before realising that design can not be limited to just a few fields or categories… it’s a lifestyle. This led me to evolve into an interior designer and a stylist. I also love plating up my everyday food also beautifully… it just doesn’t stop!

Q.2 What helped you in being a successful entrepreneur?
Success comes from never resting on one’s laurels. We have completed over 1,000 projects in the past 20 years, but still we are constantly exploring what exclusive offerings can bring value to our customers, and we are particular about adding an element of originality to each project.
Also, as a creative person my role is cut out, but I need to be objective about who will handle the rest of the tasks. Entrepreneurial acumen comes from delegating various responsibilities to the right personnel who support and complement our work. Building the right team has resulted in us expanding and strengthening our portfolio.

Q.3 How important is it for our country to have women at the top corporate level jobs and why?

If we want the country’s economy to grow, we need to bring them into the corporate fold. Women bring a different kind of creativity and perspective to a job, they introduce a different style of working and a positive energy. And most of all, we need diversity at the corporate level.

Q.4 Many believe it is more difficult for a woman to reach at the top-level management. Do you agree? Yes/No? Why?
I believe that is not the case always. If you are genuinely talented, ambitious, committed to your goal, hard working and willing to give your 100 per cent, no matter where you are, and what the circumstances are, then the rest of the issues don’t matter. Maybe sometimes, women believe they can’t do it, so they fail to reach there.

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