‘Accepting failure is a part of growing’

Learning through her everyday journey, Isha Batra, COO, Frontier Bazarr believes that each woman entrepreneur is inspirational in her own way. Leading her brand, she makes sure to maintain gender ratio in her workforce and feels proud of the fact that every department of her brand is headed by a strong woman. On talking to us she talks about the women who inspire her and how she along with Frontier Bazarr are trying to empower women from different professions.

Q.1 what inspired you to get into the fashion retail industry?

I had always been curious about exploring the multifaceted world of fashion business. A blend of creativity, style, originality and aesthetic sensibilities is what a career in fashion demands and if you possess the right mix this highly glamorous industry does wonders for you. Another advantage in retail is social interaction with people from diverse backgrounds. Retail therapy elevates people’s mood and I am more than eager to contribute to their happiness.

Q.2 what does being a woman entrepreneur mean to you?

Essentially women seek to bring people together and inspire them. Women entrepreneurs to me are absolutely inspirational. They lead differently than men and are very distinct in their virtues. At every step we believe and aspire to promote our staff leadership standards with boosting their morale, motivating and reviewing overall job performance.

Q.3 who has been an inspiration to you all this while?

There are 2 women who have been pioneers in the fashion industry for so many decades – Ritu Kumar and Ritu Beri. They have created a niche market for Indian ethnic wear globally and are still holding ground, despite the advent of many new designers.

Q.4 what did you learn from your journey of being a woman entrepreneur?

Every day is an ongoing learning process. At every step, there is a new challenge but you learn to navigate through unforeseen future with teamwork, empathy and accepting failure as a part of your growth process.

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