‘Men’s attitude needs to change’

She believes that having gender balance in an organisation brings a balanced view on every issue which further leads to success. Neha Gupta, Founder & Interior Designer, Beyond Designs agrees to the fact that women are at par with men at getting any work done, but have to go through their own share of hardships. She talks about her learnings and journey of being a successful entrepreneur.

Q.1 Why did you choose this line of profession for yourself? What was your inspiration?
As someone with a creative bent of mind, I was good at drawing, and designing things. So fine arts would have been a good option, but I was also technically savvy, so I decided to take up architecture and interior designing, where I could use both my strong points.

Q.2 What helped you in being a successful entrepreneur?
What helped me was narrowing my focus down to exactly what I enjoyed the most. I was good at many creative things, but I didn’t pursue everything. I didn’t try to be a master of all. Even within our own organization there are many verticals, but I focus on what I’m good at, so that I can do justice to my role.

Q.3 How important is it for our country to have women at the top corporate level jobs and why?
Women are at par with men at getting any work done or being in charge, so gender should not come in the way of having women at the top corporate level. Women should get the exposure and reach the top, and men around them, their juniors included, should take them seriously, so that they achieve the full potential and succeed at their role just like men.

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