Shaping the future of India: EdCosmo

The direction towards choosing the right path for your career, starts from choosing the right university, the perfectly suitable course for you and the right approach to knowledge. Having a guide, with decades of experience and understanding about unleashing the potential within a child is like an angel in today’s world. With so many options around us to choose from, EdCosmo helps the young generation, the future of our country to get the best education which will help them shape and achieve their goals in the future. Dr. Neeru Bali, a doctor by profession started her journey of guiding the young guns of the nation towards the right path, when she started EdCosmo. She realized that guiding the children towards the right path of quality education is the only way to ensure a bright future for them, and for the society as a whole. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, she shares about her journey with EdCosmo and how the education industry is shaping up in India and abroad.

Q. Tell us about EdCosmo? And how has your journey been till now?

I am a doctor by profession and have spent a major part of my life in caring for ailing humanity. Along the way, almost eight years ago, to be precise, it dawned upon me that the one thing our people need most is quality education. Moreover, with rapid progress occurring worldwide, predominantly in ‘Information Technology, it has become apparent that disseminating knowledge was essential for alleviating the masses and for progress for everyone. This prompted me to start my journey of creating awareness amongst children and their parents to go for quality education from reputed institutions in India and abroad. With time, this belief has only got stronger. We believe children, the future citizens of our country, are its biggest asset. Equipped with the requisite knowledge, they surely are the ambassadors of progress for our country.

Q. Where does the Indian education system stand in comparison to abroad? And what was your vision behind starting EdCosmo?

Unfortunately, despite the enormous development that our country has made in different fields, the one major drawback has been that we have not been able to establish centers of excellence in education. In a country of our magnitude, there are only few universities that can be counted amongst the leaders in Asia, leave alone the world. This situation has been further aggravated by our lack of respect and commitment to the teaching profession.
With low budgetary allocations, lack of quality universities and no one choosing to teach as a primary choice, it will take decades before this hole in our collective psyche can be filled. That may take a while, but can our children wait for that long? We believe until that happens, we must continue to encourage them to aspire, dream and work passionately towards getting quality education wherever it takes them, be in India or abroad. We want to be the instrument of their pious journey on this path. With that vision, we decided to create an environment that could comprehensively equip our innately precociously talented children to compete and get admitted to the best universities in the world. EdCosmo was born out of this belief and vision. The journey continues.

Q. What stops the kids in realizing their potential?

Many students with great potential are not able to reach the best fit college globally despite being fully capable of doing so. There are undoubtedly numerous reasons for this but the two most important are lack of awareness and lack of right guidance at proper time. It is criminal waste of talent of a child if one is not able to realize the full potential and get best of the education.

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