Frozen Food – is not nutritious for your body

With his experience of over 5+ years in fitness and nutrition, Dietitian Rajat Jain, Founder & Director of Health Wealth Diet Clinic is the go-to name among athletes, sportspeople, and fitness enthusiasts looking for a healthy body. He tells us how frozen foods make your life easier but deteriorate your health in the long run.

Canned fruits have been made to ease our lives by the accessibility of nutrition even in the offseason but are they providing the same nutrition as fresh fruits?
Fruits definitely are a rich source of vitamins and fiber at the time of harvest, but in recent times it is observed that people tend to buy canned or frozen fruits in order to use them for a longer period. However, fruits or vegetables lose their nutrition over time, even an excessively ripe fruit is not healthy.
Considering the frozen foods, it is obvious that no amount of chemicals or preservatives can match the health value of an edible at the time of harvest. But these are very much helpful in terms of alternatives.

Refrigerating the fruits or vegetables slows down the nutrition degradation but, in that process, it makes it tin-ready, it loses the required fiber and vitamins as well. A fresh carrot for instance is filled with vitamin C and but if it’s a frozen carrot, the nutrition value will keep diminishing for the period they are kept at room temperature. Even when being refrigerated they will have an expiration as by that specific time it has lost all the benefits and is not recommended to eat.

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