Self-belief – essential for woman entrepreneurs’

Self-belief – essential for woman entrepreneurs’

Manmeet Arora started with her brand The Arch to explore her love for art and architecture and give her thoughts a shape. In conversation with Urban Melange, she shares her views on women entrepreneurs and more.

During our conversation, she talked about what inspires her the most to create beautiful architecture and design. “I am inspired by nature around me, I try and include as much of it into residential, commercials, and hospitality projects as possible to bring us back to the roots. The beauty of nature is that it’s everywhere, you don’t even have to look at a grand setting to get inspired by it.” She loves to read about various successful entrepreneurs and get inspired by them and apply the learnings in her journey. Talking about what her brand means to me, she sums it up with a quote from her favourite, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”.

In our country female entrepreneurs mostly go through a set pattern of challenges, because of the narrow mindset of the society that needs to change. Sharing about her challenges, she says, “the challenges I faced as a female architect I believe are same as the challenges any professional woman or man faces i.e., work-life balance professional growth opportunities and fair pay.”

Sharing her views on one thing that she would like to change in the society for the women entrepreneurs, she says, “women entrepreneurs account for improved economic growth and stability. Within a countrywoman entrepreneurs inspire other women to start businesses that lead to more job creation for women which ultimately helps in reducing the gender gap in the workforce I wish to face this challenge and overcome this struggle of every woman around me.”

She is a woman with a colourful personality and aura. This is also because she loves art and makes it a point to get back to it whenever she has the time. “When I am not working, I love to dip into my colour palette which represents my inner thought process and me. Travelling is the passion which I follow exploring new places which widens my vision as I move around the world meeting different people from different cultures,” adds Manmeet.

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