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Adapt to Achieve

There are times when we are confused between choosing the right path or taking the right decision for our career. It is the expertise of a professional counselor who can help you in making the best decision at such stages of your life. Adapt to Achieve, started by Sejal and Urvanshi help you plan your career and choose the right path. In conversation with Urban Melange they tell us about their journey and share some tips for students who are all set to start their professional journey.

Q. What is Adapt to Achieve all about? What was your vision behind it?

Adapt to Achieve is an education consultancy, aiming at career guidance & counselling of students by focusing on their profile assessment & extra-curricular activities enabling them to excel in their career paths. We aim to establish a platform for educational and professional career guidance for students and professionals of all age groups. We offer the best career advice while motivating ambitious students and professionals, to exhibit their talents and receive learning tools to ace their academic & professional goals. Adapt to Achieve works in collaboration with students, parents, professional institutions like schools and universities across the globe to provide the best career advice. Our vision behind it was to initiate a transition in students with the right guidance, judgement and opportunities and become India’s leading student career guidance and development services by being a catalyst of knowledge and growth. 

Q. What are those essential 5 points one must keep in mind while deciding their career?

The five most essential points one must keep in mind while deciding their career include:

  • Aptitude, Education, Strengths
  • Interests
  • Long term goals/ future expectations
  • Happiness, satisfaction
  • Work style & priorities

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