Her confidence breeds her beauty

Dr. Sarita Sharon Skin Clinic

A proficient makeup artist, one who abides by sustainable and cruelty free living, an avid pet admirer; Dr. Sarita Mahajan of Sharon Skin and Clinic is all set on her journey into the makeup Bizz as the creator of all things organic and a diffuser of all things optimistic.

By: Rubika Bedi

  1. Tell us about your brand and your journey.

Sharon skin and hair clinic is the first of its kind in Amritsar. My brand revolves around all things sustainable, conscious and cruelty free and that itself is its unique selling point. With my husband’s and family’s support I have been able to fabricate this corporation and let it stand on its four feet. My family always exclaims my superior power to be that of creating magic, I do so by combining my love for clean beauty with my passion for makeup and hair care treatments.

  • What was the biggest challenge you faced while you were working towards setting up your brand?

After bagging multiple degrees in cosmetology from masters in cosmetic department to Msc in biotechnology, I knew I wanted to take this industry by a storm but in ways never seen before. When I started to explore the organic industry, my first step was to curate homemade day and night creams for women as well as some organic soaps. My biggest challenge was to witness the usage of toxic chemicals in products being sold around the globe and coveted nothing but coming up with a range of paraben and sulphate free products. With the incessant backing by my husband, I was able to slowly create a range of not only products but also organic treatments for women and today I have finally overcome the usage of any harmful chemical from my brand.

  • Describe make up in five words, what does it mean to you?



K- Kohl

E-Eye shadow


P-Paraben Free

For me makeup is a feeling, it is an art to accentuate and enhance a woman’s beauty and not to hide her flaws. To me it’s a passion I would like to go after every single day of my existence.

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