Sartaj Singh Brar

Designation: CEO, Pagro Frozen Foods Pvt Ltd.

The journey of Sartaj Singh Brar which started as a commerce graduate followed by a masters in business administration, ultimately paved the way to the birth of Pagro Frozen Foods Private Limited, one of largest processor of Frozen vegetables in South East Asian Pacific Region.

Pagro is today the brand behind almost all the organised OSR chains, be it Mc Donald’s, KFC, Burger King Mc Cain’s,  Global Gourmet or Tasty Bite, almost all organised retail from Walmart & Metro to Reliance & Easy day are in its customer kitty, beyond this, a significant chunk of Pagro’s business comes from exports , in fact Pagro is today one of the only company in IQF vegetable processing business to be able to export and sustain in the astringent quality standard markets of Japan, US and Europe, the company has seen more than 500 time growth in the late 15 years of its existence. The stints of Pagro and its contribution cannot be measured alone in what the company has done in its front end, Pagro does contract and captive farming in over 5000 acres and is, directly and indirectly, involved with more than 2000 plus farmers, Pagro is the perfect example of farm to folk and Agri diversification in the monotonous cropping horizon of Indian agriculture sector.

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