Man behind progressive farming in India

“When was the last time you thanked the Kisaan before eating your dinner?” asks Anshul Khadwalia, COO, Indo Farm Equipment Limited, from the whole nation. Do you remember? Have you ever? NO. We don’t really think about the farmer who works so hard in the field all day, so that the nation can have food on their plates. Its time we changed our perception towards the farmers, strongly believes Khadwalia. He has been accoladed with the title of Young Achiever by India Today and was a part of the list of Top 30 under 30 at the HT Youth Festival 2017.

By: Nikita Agarwal

A tractor manufacturing company from Baddi, Indo Farms Equipment Limited, aims at providing the farmers with the best technology in the cheapest prices, so that they can produce a better yield in the best way possible. Expressing about the company, Khadwalia says, “My father being a son of a farmer, he was always connected to his roots and he wanted to give something back to the farmers of the nation. So he decided to start-up a tractor manufacturing company, so that the farmers can get the best technology in the cheapest price possible. One thing that we boast of is that in a very short span of time, we have not just made the biggest range of tractors but we have also become one of the only companies to manufacture tractors for an international brand.”

After completing his studies from the UK, he diced to come back to India and support his father with the family business at the age of 21. “My first-most inspiration was of course my father, I am very lucky to have a platform so big to start my career. It was very heart-warming to see how a good product can make a farmer’s life great. I was very inspired by that and I wanted to do something which can help the farmers. Once I joined the business it was extremely dynamic, and there was a lot happening from the cut-throat competition, making strategies, to selling products to the customers, and a lot more. So, I not only after joining business, became an entrepreneur but it happened reverse, I became a farmer also, today even my business card says, Farmer & CEO. I am proud to say that today I am a farmer before being a CEO,” says Anshul. He tells us that the most satisfying feeling about being a farmer is that you are aware that the product you are producing is going to be on someone’s dinner table and feed someone. There is a lot of satisfaction and peace in this industry in addition to the competition.

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