Food & Farming

Food is something nutritious that we eat. It gives us energy and helps us to grow and keep our body healthy and strong, aptly states dietitian Nalini

By: Nalini

The food that we eat makes a large part of our lifestyle and well-being. So, it is important to eat a range of foods to keep us healthy; this is called a varied or balanced diet. The main food groups that we need to eat are protein, carbohydrates, and fats. We also need plenty of fruit and vegetables to give us vitamins and minerals.

Proteins mainly come from meat and dairy products. We also get protein from certain plant foods such as lentils, nuts, and beans. While protein helps our bodies to grow and keeps them strong, carbohydrates come from plant sources. They are found in cereals, fruits, vegetables, milk and sugar.

We get dietary fiber from carbohydrates which help our digestive systems to function smoothly. Carbohydrates give us energy. Fats come from dairy products, animals and plant sources such as avocado, olives, and nuts. Some fats are good for us, while others are not. Fat helps us grow and also helps us to process vitamins.

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