A Holistic Living

As we walked through the portico of this one-of-its-kind farmhouse, the owners took us on a fabulously illustrated tour of the pristine flora!

Aesthetically set in a vast area buffered by a myriad range of flowers on one side and a lush green verandah on the other, this farmhouse is situated in the hamlet of Brijwasan, near the Delhi Airport. The property speaks volumes about the choicest lifestyle of holistic living, which is being followed by Mrs. Neena Verma and Mr. Mohit Verma, who has been in the family business of electronics (C-Net) and bottled-water (Wild water) business since the last two generations.

Dotted with some of the country’s finest flora farming techniques, the Verma farmhouse is a paradise like none other. But, it is not only the flowers that make this farm one-of-its-kind but also the resplendent emerald lawn that has been host to parties for various connoisseurs and novices, alike.

The farm’s layout and landscaping are done by the owners themselves. No landscapist is used. “Every year, we spend a lot of time in planning and designing the garden. Each year you will find a different spread and variety of flowers. We change the flower bed settings and colours to keep alive the zeal of the farm,” told Neena. Overlooking a marvelous array of flowers are extraordinarily beautiful trees are topiaries that are maintained at a certain height; adding to the beauty of the green living.

The farmhouse has been participating in various flowers shows and has an assortment of awards & recognition to its credit owing to the implementation of effective and efficient horticulture practices by the owners.

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