Regenera Activa by Anticlock: A new hope for hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem that plagues about 70% of men and 30% of women worldwide. It can have a significant impact on an individual’s self-esteem since a crown full of hair has come to symbolize youth and vitality. While there are various treatments available, ‘Regenera Activa’ is one innovative solution that has revolutionized the field of hair restoration. Anticlock Medispa is excited to be one of the first clinics in North India offering this latest treatment.

What is Regenera Activa?

The latest technology from Italy and Spain – Regenera Activa – is a non-surgical procedure that utilizes Autologous Micro-grafting Technology (AMT) with powerful regenerative properties of micro-grafts to stimulate the body’s stem cells, progenitor cells and growth factors. In contrast to the traditional hair transplants, Regenera Activa has negligible downtime and is perfect for busy patients.

What is the science behind Regenera Activa and how is it different from PRP?

By injecting stem cells into the scalp, Regenera Activa promotes the regeneration of hair follicles, waking up the dormant or inactive hair follicles – thus treating the hair loss from within!

The critical difference between PRP and Regenera active lies in the extraction of stem cells. While in PRP the stem cells are extracted from patient’s blood, in Regenera Activa treatment they are obtained from the scalp, and it also harvests micro-grafts along with growth factors. Also, where Regenera activa takes only one session, with PRP treatment at least 5-6 sittings are required to show results.

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