Crafting flavours with personalized creativity

Nimran Kaur Riar, a dedicated master’s student in human development and family relations, and Harnoor Bath, a talented chef, have combined their passions to create Golden Ashet. This unique venture specializes in the artful concept of charcuterie, beautifully blending Nimran’s academic pursuits with Harnoor’s culinary expertise to craft delightful and visually appealing culinary experiences.

What inspired you to start Golden Ashet?

Golden Ashet remains a beloved progeny, spawned from the business flair I’ve acquired as an heirloom. I, Nimran, always had a knack for being an entrepreneur, and when I met Chef Harnoor, who I later realized had studied at the Indian Culinary Institute in Tirupati, it just seemed the perfect fit to amalgamate her culinary expertise with my business acumen.

How did you develop your expertise in crafting grazing tables?

It was during covid that I reconnected with my inner artist and explored a new aesthete, who proliferated into a baker first and evolved into a curator. My partner and I connected over social media, and we were in the process of developing ideas around this venture. Other than this, YouTube & playing around with different textures and flavours helped us build this gourmet affair.

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