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Redesigning Taj Katra’s Elegance

Renowned interior designer Aashish V Anand, co-founder of Vijay Anand Associates and Livingspaces, embarked on a captivating journey to transform the Taj Katra Hotel, Jammu. This project held personal significance, as his firm had originally designed the hotel two decades prior. Aashish faced the exciting challenge of retaining the original architectural essence while infusing modernity. His ingenious strategy involved an extension to the All-Day Dining area, enveloped in glass to merge indoor and outdoor elements. The roof was transformed into a panoramic terrace, allowing guests to savour meals while feasting on TRIKUTA peak vistas.

Preserving continuity with the past while embracing contemporary elements was key in the lobby’s redesign. Traditional timber panelling received a contemporary twist with painted finishes, mirrors, and metal accents. A blend of traditional and modern furniture, in a refreshing colour palette, infused the space with character. Additional seating in the reception area catered to more guests, enhancing functionality and comfort.

Aashish’s vision extended to a stunning terrace, accessible from the lobby lounge. Warm fire pits, cement tiles, and pebbles created an inviting ambiance against the majestic Trikuta peaks. The terrace served various purposes, from morning tea to evening gatherings, all amidst the natural splendour of the surroundings.

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