Brewing Dreams and Flavours: The Brew Estate’s Expedition into India’s Heart and Palate

In an exclusive interview with Varundeep Singla, the Managing Director of The Brew Estate, we gained insight into the exciting future plans of this renowned establishment. With a passion for brewing excellence and a commitment to satisfying their patrons, The Brew Estate is set to expand its horizons in the coming years.

Singla revealed the ambitious expansion strategy, highlighting the upcoming destinations that will soon savour The Brew Estate experience. The cities on the radar for expansion include Amritsar, Kharar, Kullu, Barnala, and Moga. These carefully chosen locations reflect the brand’s strategic approach to catering to diverse palates and creating an immersive ambiance for craft beer enthusiasts.

The spotlight, however, falls on the imminent opening of The Brew Estate’s 13th outlet in Kharar, nestled conveniently near Chandigarh and Mohali. He explained that this decision was a direct response to the escalating demand from their loyal customer base in Kharar. Eager to satiate this demand, the establishment has diligently prepared to unveil its new gem in just a month’s time.

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