Radiology and Yoga – Balancing Health and Healing

A remarkable individual with a diverse range of passions and a deep commitment to service. As an advanced yoga practitioner and certified teacher, she has dedicated the last decade to the practice of Ashtanga yoga, finding solace and mindfulness through its teachings. In her role as the secretary of Punjab State IRIA, Dr. Sonali Soni, spearheading Navya Diagnostic Center actively champions the betterment of females and prepubertal girls, spearheading donation drives and awareness campaigns. In conversation with Urban Melange, she talks about her passion for radiology and her journey.

What sparked your interest in pursuing a career as a radiologist?

I was brought up in a family where my mom was a headmistress and father were a lawyer. Brother was doing orthopedics. I scored good marks was meritorious in +2 and had decided to pursue MBBS. The human brain is basically designed to be inquisitive and calculative. This sparked my interest in knowing more about the origin of diseases, and the love for Radiology arose from them.

How do you keep up with the advancements in imaging technology and diagnostic techniques?

With the recent developments of artificial intelligence, the chat GPT day by day, many technological advances are going on in the field of radiology here. We are mainly dealing with advancements in technology as well as updated knowledge in OUR research. The CMEs and conferences are focused on increasing the Depth of our knowledge updating us with the latest technology and the machines as well as the practical points to deal with newer and recent advances in the field of radiology. I regularly attend CMEs and conferences. Just recently I was invited to deliver a faculty talk at Sono summit too. Held at Chennai my topic of oration being as Radiologist as a treating doctor. Sono Summit is an international conference of ultrasound held every year at Chennai World trade Centre attended by over 500 radiologists from all over the world. I regularly attend regional, state-level, national and international conferences.

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