Preserving Smiles with Dentistry’s healing touch

He says that a dentist is a doctor, surgeon, physician, artist, a counsellor and a friend. Dr. Ashish Kaushal feels satisfied when he gets compliments from his patients on playing all these roles to perfection! In conversation with Urban Melange, he tells us that dentistry for his is his passion and his profession.

What inspired you to become a Dentist? Tell us about your journey.

I have been practicing dentistry since last 15 years. I wanted to specialize in a branch where I could relieve patients from their pain and save their natural teeth. I always had a strong desire to serve people and bring a smile on their face which also boosts their confidence and impacts their overall wellbeing.

As a dentist, what are some of the challenges that you face on a daily basis?

The biggest challenge that people of all age groups face is the phobia of pain during dental treatment, so our motto is painless dentistry and we go an extra mile to make the treatment comfortable for the patients.

Secondly, majority of the people are unaware about the basic dental healthcare practises. Alarming rise in incidents of decayed teeth among children can be seen as mothers are also unaware of proper practices for taking care of milk teeth. We are also striving to make good quality dental treatment affordable to all.

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