‘Punjabiyat taught me the meaning of Seva’

With a number of accolades to his name, Karan Gilhotra, a brand in himself has a lot on his plate and is a believer in hard work with great plans for Punjab and its people. In a conversation with us, he shares his thoughts about the sacred land of Punjab and more.

A man who is connected to Punjab with his heart and soul and has dedicated himself to its people, Karan Gilhotra is a Philanthropist and Chairman of Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Punjab. He is also the Secretary of the World Punjabi Organisation, President of Hockey Chandigarh, and Founder of Karan Gilhotra Foundation. He is also the Co-Founder of Plaksha University. This man is a brand in himself.

Talking about his love for Punjab, he says, “Punjab is my home; it is my innermost sanctuary. My brand and Punjab go hand in hand. My brand is nothing more than the sheer service for humanity and Punjab I feel stands for that too i.e., feeling for others. Helping others, the comradery, and brotherhood. Till many years back I didn’t know that we all can also be a brand to reckon with…I have tried to spread positivity and always have labored to help others unconditionally. I feel today whenever my friends have a problem, they think of me so that’s what is my earning in life. I feel very satisfied that I could develop a belief among people that ‘Karan Hain Naa’. Punjabiyat taught me the meaning of Seva, I feel proud of being a Punjabi and hope to keep indulging in activities that make my Punjab proud.”

He can never imagine his life without Punjab, and honestly, even we can’t imagine Punjab without him. When we asked about what he would miss about Punjab if he shifted to a different state or country, he says, “I belong to a small town Fazilka, subsequently moved to Mayo College Ajmer for my schooling and I am now settled in Chandigarh with my family. I can never imagine life without Punjab. If this happened, it would be torture for me, like taking a fish out of a pond. I am a Punjabi, I love my state, my country, and the soil of my roots.… I would just not be able to survive elsewhere and on a lighter note I feel Punjab would also miss me.”

He says that the Punjab government has been very supportive in its endeavors. “Our philanthropic effort to set up a world-class technology university IS BEARING FRUIT. I am extremely honored to be a part of this dynamic amazing family of entrepreneurs, industry houses, and techies and Plaksha is no more a dream, it’s a reality, spread over 50 acres near the Chandigarh airport,” adds Gilhotra.

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