‘I wish to see my brand all across India’

‘I wish to see my brand all across India’

Q. Tell us about your brand and your connection with Punjab.

I started with a brand Bon Gateau (bakery and cafe) in 2013 and now we are expanding in Punjab and Chandigarh. It’s my self-made brand. It’s the only brand in Punjab where one can get bakery products along with multicuisine and frozen yogurt and gelatos.

Q. What is that one thing about Punjab that you would miss if you shifted to another state/country?

I would never want to leave Punjab in any case because my brand has been made by the people of Punjab. So, I love being a part of this state!! The people of Punjab are what I would miss, their warmth, their love.

Q. What role has the government of Punjab played in your industry? have they been helpful or challenging?

The government has reduced taxes on food businesses by bringing in GST. We had to face a lot of challenges during the pandemic.

Q. where do you think Punjab is lacking in Today’s time that can be improved? How?

Punjab is still lacking with public dealing, their rules, and regulations towards food business. A system is missing, which is very necessary for the benefit of the businessman, government as well as consumer.

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