Politics is in his blood!


Marching over the footsteps of his father, contemplating the welfare of youth and women, Manish Bansal pours down his journey and fragments of the principles he follows in his life.

  1. What made you join politics? How did your journey begin?

Politics runs in our blood, from my grandfather Lt. sh. Pyare Lal being an avid social worker and an unmatchable politician to my father, Sh. Pawan Kumar Bansal is the treasurer of AICC and former Railway Minister. My interest in politics and leading a political life was evident from the very beginning. Belonging to Bansi Ram Raunaq Ram family of Tapa Mandi, Barnala District; there was a keen inclination towards serving the countrymen and ceaselessly working for the welfare of the society wherein my journey had begun right from my childhood.

  • What are the ideologies of Congress that you connect with the most?

Congress stands by and values the preamble and ethos on which our freedom is based. From the freedom struggle to an independent India to working endlessly on independent India; congress is the only party that has been there through it all and continues to serve India as a secular country. What I connect with the most is the above along with the fact that politics for all the members of Congress is not just about power but the welfare and service towards people.

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