‘I found my calling in public welfare and service’

Walking in his father’s footsteps, Mohit Mohindra, Son of Brahm Mohindra is all set to make his mark in Indian Politics. He has been working for the welfare of his society as the General Secretary of the Punjab Youth Congress and is now up for bigger challenges.

Q. What made you join politics? How did your journey begin?

I have grown up watching my father dedicated his life to serving the people of Punjab. So, my journey actually began years ago while accompanying my father on campaigns and constituency visits and assisting him. Interacting with the people inculcated a natural sense of responsibility and accountability in me which organically pulled me towards politics. I felt that I was personally answerable to people from whom I sought support for the party. As a result, I found my calling in public welfare and service.

Q. What are the ideologies of Congress that you connect with the most?

The Congress has always promoted the welfare of the common masses and stood firm in its emphasis on social inclusion. It has provided a platform for conscious and concerned citizens from all walks of life to make a difference. Most importantly, the focus of the Congress on nurturing the youth and investing in future generations really appeals to me. These ideologies of the Congress party are the need of the hour if we are to progress as a nation.

Q. You are now walking in your father’s footsteps and fighting from his seat. What do you feel about that?

As I mentioned earlier, I have grown up watching my father dedicated his life to serving the people of Punjab. He has been associated with the Patiala Rural constituency for a decade now and the people here have showered him with immense support and blessings. It is the honor of a lifetime for me to fight from this constituency and I sincerely hope people give me the same love and support. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Congress High command for giving me this opportunity.

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