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Pioneers of niche fragrances in India

Spread your aura in every room as you enter with the perfume of your choice. Scentido helps you in making this choice as they have a vast variety of niche perfumes from around the world. Shishir Mehta, founder, Scentido India talks about why one must choose a luxury perfume and what kind of fragrances people in India mostly prefer.

What made you come up with a brand for niche perfumes? What was your inspiration behind it?

My passion and love for niche fragrances evoked an interest in finding out the market’s potential and demand for these fragrances. While understanding the market, I also conversed with the brands to understand their interest in entering the Indian market in this segment with these Niche Fragrances. My team and I decided to create a retail environment which did not exist in India for this category. We are the pioneer of niche fragrances in India. 

How can one differentiate between a good and an inferior quality perfume?

The major differentiating factor is the ingredients that are used in creating the juice. Natural and rare ingredients evoke a sense of premium quality, which also makes it skin friendly whereas when perfumes are made using synthetic ingredients they are not very long lasting and are not advisable to be worn directly on the skin. The other factor is the oil concentration used in the concoction. In my opinion, these are the two driving factors to judge the quality of a scent.

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