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Bohemian Vibe at 55th floor in Mumbai

Founded by designer Rahul Mistri in 2010, Open Atelier, Mumbai aims to craft spaces of experiential quality derived from a rooted understanding of how design affects lives as a result of urban necessities. 

Their recently completed, exclusive residential project, Casa Bohemia is nestled high on the 55th floor of a skyscraper in the heart of Mumbai. This four bedroom apartment is a aesthetically pleasing and has a bohemian vibe. Designed as an honest and delightful yet mismatched visual palette that is curated to disrupt the ‘coordinated synchrony’ of elements, this residence defines disproportionate harmony. 

The entrance to the apartment opens into the living cum dining space with a bohemian look that is enticed with luxury. Opulent and white, the space is a conscious curation of mismatched pieces that together create a home filled with warmth and cheer. Adding warmth to the alabaster tone is rattan, which subtly binds the pieces of furniture together, however not stylistically. Grounded in little details, the home displays a stunning selection of lighting fixtures, all peculiar and statement pieces. Like, the overlapping circular track light setting in the ceiling and the floor-mounted metal light mural juxtapose themselves with the chandelier in the dining space. However, the star of the show is the hard-to-miss wall mural. With a monochromatic palette, the flowers and butterfly laden piece of art adds charisma and character to the space. 

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