Paving the Way for Healthy Living

Lavleen Kaur, Dietitian, Clinical Nutritionist and a Lifestyle coach, Diet Insight Clinic walks us through her extraordinary journey                    

The journey which started with an unflinching interest in the field of Food and Nutrition, eventually led Lavleen Kaur to pursue a Masters degree in this field of expertise. However, the learning never stopped for Kaur.

After getting married, she started giving consultation to her loved ones and kept on exploring more about this expertise and as destiny would have it, she professionally ventured into this industry and laid the foundation stone of Diet Insight Clinic. Ever since then, there has been no turning back!

Why did you choose this profession? Did it turn out to be just as you expected?

My diet consultation began as the result of a grave realisation of the unhealthy lifestyle lead by most of the people around us, and the plethora of diseases (including but not limited to Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD/S, Hypertension) which come as a part and parcel of that. I wanted to help people move towards a better and healthy way of living. When I started from a corner of my house, I had never thought of the future. I began with the objective of making lives better around me, and though I am pleasantly surprised and happy about the way it has turned out to be, my objective remains the same.

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