Carrying Forward the Legacy

Vidhi J. Sharma, Co-Director, Cute Salon and Spa has carved a niche as one of the most-loved young make-up artists in the region

What started with a penchant for make-up at a young age of eighteen years, eventually led Vidhi J. Sharma to lay the foundation stone of Cute Salon and Spa, and ever since then she is carving a niche in the region with her versatile make-up artistry and acumen.

Tell us something about your journey in the shoes of a make-up artist so far?

 Very early in life, I had this epiphany that make-up and art is something I was born to do. By the time I was 19, I was multitasking various things at one time including studies and practicing make-up. Even though the very basics of make-up were taught to me by my parents, I moved out of my shell to learn all the advanced techniques of make-up from renowned national and international make-up artists. Initially, people hesitated in getting the make-up done from me since I was way too young and also they hadn’t seen a lot of my work but with time and experience, people started to love my work. Through a lot of hard work, patience and consistency, I re-invented the Brand name for my salon, specifically in the field of make-up. ‘Cute Salon and Spa’ has always been my father’s vision and my mother’s hard work. Today at the age of 23, I can proudly say that I am flourishing their venture and fulfilling their dream with each passing day.

What are the key challenges of this field?

Keeping aside the Glitz & Glamour of my field, there’s a certain amount of patience that one needs practice in this field. One needs to understand that every client has gone through months of brainstorming when it comes to their make-up looks. So, we as make-up artists need to understand their emotion and vision behind it which gets extremely challenging sometimes.

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