Not Your Ordinary Masala!

Amolak Singh Grewal explores the newly opened Masalchi, which goes above and beyond to bring you regional delicacies from all corners of the country.

Indian cuisine has been done to death by dining establishments in the region. Look closely and you realize it is a specific Indian cuisine — one that starts with Dal Makhni moves on to Paneer Lababdaar and ends with Butter Chicken. Rarely, you find Fish Amritsari, Kadhai Chicken, and Mutton Rogan Josh joining the party. So, how do you elevate a cuisine that has bored an entire population of diners? Enter, Masalchi — a passion project by Angad Singh to bring Indian flavors that extend beyond the cliché.

The name Masalchi comes from the legend of the Mughal and Rajput kingdoms of yore. Royal kitchens would employ a spice master who would source and conjure aromatic blends that would fill the banquet halls of the kings. With his restaurant, Angad simply revisits flavors that are forgotten by the palate of the Tricity region.

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