‘Success to me is goodwill’

As a young entrepreneur, his time stands divided amongst an almost unending list of actives, including a selection of new stock, ideating business, and marketing strategies, dealing with clients, and creating a healthy and progressive work environment. Gagan Khurana, Co-partner, Sham Jewellers took the business to the highest summit with his efforts and great understanding.

Q. Give us an introduction of yourself and your business?

It was in the year 1989 that I was born into a very hardworking and sincere business family. My father, Late Mr. Amarjit Singh Khurana, with his father and two brothers was running a prolific Indian ethnic wear business in the heart of Chandigarh, while my mother, Mrs. Kawaljit Kaur, took reigns of the household chores while simultaneously contributing to the business by extending a supervisory role at the store. I truly looked up to my parents. I completed my schooling at Vivek High School, Chandigarh, and my graduation in B. Com. from SD College, Chandigarh, followed by an MBA in Marketing. All my life, I was inspired by the ardent and dedicated work ethic my father commanded, and so, as soon as the time arrived, I entered the family business to take ahead his legacy, intent to make him proud. I joined my paternal uncle, Mr. Harinder Singh, in the jewelry brand ‘Sham Jewellers’. I began with making myself well-versed with the company, learning its ins and outs, with my uncle as my mentor. Purchasing as well as sales became my points of entering and understanding the business. Soon after, realizing that this was in fact the perfect platform for me to apply the marketing theories I had learned in my academic years, I began building and strengthening the Sham brand.

Q. What has been the most important part of your journey so far?

The most important part of one’s growth is always the foundation, which for me were the initial years of entering the business. Although both my will and acquired skills were congruent with the goals of our family business, it was only after I joined that my actual learning began. Sitting across clients; conversing with them, understanding their needs, desires, and expectations, proved to be the greatest lessons, which I could then imbibe in my stock purchasing sprees and strategy devising endeavors. Additionally, the guidance provided by my uncle strengthened the base on which I formed my career.

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