“Never Doubt Yourself!”

Chandigarh’s Mayor Raj Bala Malik sheds light on her journey as a super mom turned politician

The lady who plays a key role in the development of City Beautiful, Raj Bala Malik was just 18 years old when she got married to senior advocate, RK Malik who practices in the High Court.

However, this decision in no way tamed Raj Bala’s light that shined from the within. Even after getting married, she continued to pursue her studies and follow her dreams.

I was just 18 years old when I got married. But my husband was very supportive, and I continued to study after my marriage in 1973,” she recalls.

The duo moved to Chandigarh in 1978 and as destiny would have it, about four decades later, Raj Bala Malik got the opportunity to become the Mayor of this beautiful city.

She is blessed with three daughters and two sons.

Walk us through your journey as a super mom as well as a politician?

My children have grown up to be independent now and there’s not much that I need to do to take care of them. However, having them beside me gives me strength to put my best foot forward.

How does your everyday routine look like?

My everyday routine looks different, as per what’s the schedule for the day. My focus is always on completing the incomplete tasks and planning & executing on what is best for Chandigarh and its residents.

However, there has been a paradigm shift in my routine ever since the virus outbreak. Presently, social welfare is my top-most priority and we are leaving no stone unturned to fight this battle against Coronavirus.

Ever since the pandemic was declared and it reached our area, I started distributing 1-2 quintals of ration to all the slum areas daily. We instantly knew the areas which could be the most vulnerable, especially the rural areas where basic sanitation lacks. Hence, we paid special attention to those areas and provided free sanitary napkins and food to the needy. We even provided cerelac for the newborn babies.

We decided to act pro-actively and not look out for any donations or sponsorships. So, I distributed all the ration and sanitary napkins from my pocket and the cerelac was provided by IAS KK Yadav who has played a crucial role in managing this crisis situation in Chandigarh.

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