A Leader in the True Sense

 “Taking the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, and responsible human beings is the biggest job that anyone can ever embark on,” firmly believes mompreneur Mannat Kothari

Not only a supermom but also a super boss, Mannat Kothari is living the life that she always dreamt of by serving as the Joint Managing Director of Kay Jay Forgings Pvt Ltd, Ludhiana and bringing up three adorable kids.

A graduate in Commerce from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi and a post-graduate in Business Administration from the Technical Institute of Textile and Sciences, Kothari always had a penchant for business administration.

After working as a Technical Analyst in Share Market, Trend and Analysis at Viratech Pvt. Ltd Kolkata, and as the Regional Head of Birla Tyres Public Ltd., Kolkata, Kothari decided to take the plunge and serve as  the Joint Managing Director of Kay Jay Forgings Pvt Ltd, Ludhiana and rest as they say, is history!

Additionally, she is also the Chairperson of FICCI FLO Ludhiana (2020-21) and the Co-Founder of Women Next Door organization.

Walk us through your journey as a mompreneur? How has it been so far?

I have been married for 18 years now. I am blessed with three children: Tamamna (17), Amanat (15), and Armaan (11), and the journey with them has been simply amazing. Daughters give you a chance to relive your dreams again, and I got it twice. So, I consider myself very lucky. Responsibilities and duties change with every phase of their growing up. They keep me on toes with their busy routine!

What are some key challenges that you have had to face while juggling your role as a super mom and an entrepreneur? How do you overcome them?

Time management is something that one learns to gets better at with time. Balancing in the initial stage was difficult, so I took baby steps while my kids were growing up. But as they grow older, one can prioritise and manage time well. Discipline is very very important in time management.

How does your everyday routine look like?

Working from home has become the way of life in these unprecedented times, and I am living it. I now have more quality time that can be spent with my kids. I am not an early riser; my working mind gets active in the night. But I follow a disciplined lifestyle, which includes regular workouts and an early eating habit.

Tell us more about your role in driving the success of your organization?

Be a good leader, trust people, and always remember that delegation is very important. Responsibility should match with authority, appreciate and reward people for good work. Inculcate the feeling of teamwork. That’s the mantra of success for any organisation.

Who has been your pillar of support for all this while?

It’d definitely be my family and my team. Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes teamwork, a company work, a society work, and a civilisation work.

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