Making SuperBottoms for Super Kids!

Meet Pallavi Utagi, the woman behind India’s premier eco-friendly reusable baby cloth diapers, SuperBottoms

A mommy went looking for that perfect baby diaper and got disappointed to find none. That’s when Superbottoms was born! 4 years and 15 versions later, SuperBottoms has carved a niche as the no. 1 bestselling cloth diaper in India and is trusted by over 2 lakh parents for zero compromise baby care.

In an exclusive interview, Pallavi Utagi, CEO and Founder of SuperBottoms sheds light on her trailblazing journey.

Walk us through your journey as a mompreneur? How has it been so far?

The whole journey of SuperBottoms started when I had my son and I struggled to balance between using cloth nappies (langots) and diapers. When he got a rash, I realized that I had to do something about it. Upon checking with other mothers, I found that this is a very common issue that most babies have to endure with diapers. I started looking for an alternative, I tried traditional cloth nappies but faced challenges of all-day usage. I got a few Advanced Cloth Diapers from the US, which are popular there; but they did not fit very well on Indian babies. 

The fact that 3 crore babies are born each year; each using 5000 diapers in their lifetime, the number of diapers landing in landfills was disturbingly huge! This was a huge motivation for me to find a solution. I saw a definite need for a product that would give the convenience of diapers while not harming the environment and baby’s skin. I quit my corporate job and followed my dream to make cloth diapers which were suitable for Indian babies, had Indian prints and which were quirky and cute! This is how SuperBottoms was started – a unique brand with an all mothers team who have been ardent customers of the brand and now turned brand ambassadors. 

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