My Protein – Fuel up your ambition

Health and fitness are on everyone’s minds these days, irrespective of their age or gender. But one thing that many of us tend to neglect or are unable to take care of in the right way is our nutrition. Eating clean and nutritious food is an utmost step that one must take towards being healthy. There are several nutrition and vitamins that our body is lacking, and we need to add on some supplements to our diet to take care of the same.

My Protein is your perfect buddy when it comes to completing the nutritional needs of your body. Whether it is protein powders, amino acids or even some healthy snacks and food to curb your cravings, they have it all. Their products are made with the highest quality ingredients, keeping in mind the nutritional value.

What would be the best way to have your daily share of protein in the form of brownie, cookie or a delicious bar. Their recently launched Vegan Carb Crusher has already become a staple in fitness freaks’ diet because of its high nutritional value and delicious flavour. This peanut flavour protein bar is low on sugar and is coated with rich dark chocolate and soya spread. Every serving gives you around 15g plant-based protein and less than 2g sugar.

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