Importance of Spiritual Healing in one’s life

Dr.Priya Kaul, Spritual Healer and a Life Coach

Spiritual healing is a holistic practice that applies healing energy to activate the body. It works in subtle ways to heal the body and strengthen the energy system to remove blocks and negativities.

Our body is an energy system that is in sync with the Universe. An imbalance created in the body affects the flow of energy which results in illness and diseases. The role of energy therapy is to allow energy to flow through the body uninterrupted.

Some of the most popular energy therapies are Reiki, touch therapy and music therapy.

Reiki is a Japanese tradition of energy healing. It is known to be dated back to the early 20th century. The ancient Hindu texts widely explain the seven energy transmission centers – the Chakras of the body. Our body is like a roadmap with highways called meridians on which Chinese practitioners have based the application of acupuncture.

If we bend into scientific knowledge, we know that everything is made of molecules. A table is also made of molecules that vibrates just as the energy in a human body creates vibrations. Therefore, we often talk about good vibes. For example, a beachside is calming because the salt and moving air creates a relaxing vibration.

Healing energies do not discriminate. Anyone and everyone can benefit from healing energies. An open mind and heart can always give the best results. An accepting attitude must be held to support the beneficial effects of healing energies. Healing sessions can give you a relaxed mind and an energetic body. It helps in bringing good feelings and calmness.

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