Mobile Phone Adversely Affects Our Skin

By Soumali Adhikary, Beauty and Lifestyle Content Creator

It is a common practice nowadays to use our phone just before dozing off as well as checking it right after waking up. This habit of ours has taken even more of our time due to the pandemic. Apart from spending time on our computer and laptop while working, we are even spending our free time on long video calls with our loved ones or by sitting in front of the television screen.

This increased exposure is known to cause a slew of problems like headaches, neck problems, eyesight issues as well as adverse skin effects like acne, wrinkles to name a few. This has made health specialists issue a word of caution to people about overuse of smartphones and how it can cause skin problems.

Below we have listed the common skin problems caused by excessive use of smartphones and how we can prevent them.

1. It causes acne: – Each square inch of your phone has around 25,000 germs, making it possibly the most unsanitary thing you interact with consistently. Indeed, your toilet seat is cleaner than your cell phone! With each call, these germs move onto your face and can prompt an outbreak of skin inflammation.

Solution: Clean your phone every day with antibacterial wipes and make sure to clean it immediately after someone else has used it.

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