‘My patient’s smile is my inspiration’

Dr. Harkanwal Sekhon is one such doctor who is ready to get you rid of all your skin issues and a lot more… she believes in adding to the quality of life of her patients. In conversation with Urban Melange, she spills the beans on being a doctor and an entrepreneur.

If your doctor is friendly and ready to listen to your problem patiently, half of the issue gets solved there itself. That is the kind of rapport Dr. Harkanwal Sekhon holds with her patients. Talking about how she handles being a doctor and an entrepreneur, she says, “being a doctor and an entrepreneur does not go hand in hand. At the end of the day, we are caregivers who deal with real human lives. For me, I have always wanted to work for my patients independently and that made me think about running my own practice where I can work for profit or for helping my patients in need as per my own decision and will. As I started my Dermatology and Cosmetology practice here at Ludhiana Mediways, we got immense response from people of Ludhiana and even other cities, boosting my confidence every day.”

For any entrepreneur, getting positive feedback directly from the customer is the best kind of return on investment. But when we are talking about a doctor, then it is even more special. “I sleep every night after reading a patient’s gratifying message, how I was able to help him/ her in improving their skin condition. Nothing inspires a doctor more than a smiling patient all content with the treatment,” adds Dr. Sekhon.

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