‘Creating something new each day’

A make-up artist is someone you trust completely to make you look like the best version of yourself. It is their artistic skills and knowledge that can help you achieve it. Chahat Wadhwa is one such make-up artist who believes in being thorough before experimenting on her clients and making sure to deliver the best possible. In conversation with Urban Melange, she talks about the upcoming trends and her experiences as a make-up artist.

A profession isn’t perfect only when it gives you the desired amount of money, it is perfect when it satisfies your soul when you are content with what you are doing. This is where Make-up Artist Chahat Wadhwa agrees, talking about why she chose to be a make-up artist she says, “becoming a Makeup artist is what I really wanted to strive towards. ‘Creating something new each day’ is the reason I chose this field. This is the work I enjoy doing and for choosing a career, I have always had a mindset, that I would choose a career that makes me content, happy and what I enjoy rather than putting myself into something which just gives me a high income.”

Make-up is one such industry other than fashion, which keeps evolving with every season. Especially bridal make-ups require your complete know-how of the product and the bride you are working on. Telling us about the latest trends, Chahat says, “talking about the change in what people think of bridal makeovers, new trends are well received by the brides, the traditional look is something that never goes out of trend for the brides to carry. Adding color to your face with a dramatic eye makeup look or keeping a bold lip has always been the style, but this is a general shift towards minimal makeup, concentrating more on perfecting skin and keeping it dewy and less on the use of color.” You can also check out her latest work on her Instagram Page which goes by the name of makeupbychahatt.

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