Jack of all trades

A fitness enthusiast, a true-blue environmentalist, and a freshly turned entrepreneur; Paveela, an exemplary multi-tasker unties her life chronicles in the most enticing manner.


  1. You are a fitness enthusiast; how did your journey begin?

Sports has always been my strong suit and my fitness journey began right from my school days. It was later when I tied a knot and came to Chandigarh that I started to take a keen interest in running, firstly in the gym and then in outer open spaces. Marathons then started to fall in my way with me signing my first marathon in 2009. Thereafter running has always been a major segment of my fitness regime more so that I ran a 47kms marathon to mark my 47th birthday last year. Running equals fitness to me.

  • You started a run club years ago, what was your inspiration behind it?

Witnessing the death of a fitness club in a city like Chandigarh was my major inspiration as well as a driving force to initiate one where both men and women can come together and give their fitness a priority. It is a club that began in 2016 but is now moreover an NGO because all the proceeds are forwarded to the welfare of the ones in need as well as for the advancement of sportspersons. It is a huge motivation to actively participate in running which will not only push out health benefits in us but aid in providing necessities to others.

  • What is your take on entrepreneurship? Tell us about your experience of being a businesswoman?

I have been an active environmentalist for the past many years, entrepreneurship came much later on the emphasis of my children. As an environmentalist, I have gone from signing PILs to collecting scrap fabrics from people and selling them for a cause. Alongside this, I recently rekindled my passion for painting and turned it into a business under the name of Art and Color studio. Being my multitasking self, I have also started to upcycle bottles in order to make one-of-a-kind lamps and chandeliers which sell successfully on my brand website. And very lately my passion turned profession, Chaska came into existence wherein I home deliver hygienic burgers of all sorts and varieties.

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