Born to be an entrepreneur

Rajni Jaidka Sethi

Values and ethics, when deep-rooted in one’s mind from childhood, make them a fine human. Such values and ethics are what guide Rajni Jaidka Sethi, Director, Avighan AB Steels Pvt. Ltd. in her daily life. She has been achieving great heights as an entrepreneur and is all set to take her business to the next level.

Coming from a business-oriented family and getting married to a family with a similar background and fervor towards business and hard work, Rajni Jaidka Sethi, Director, Avighan AB Steel Pvt. Ltd. Has always been passionate about her work and tried to achieve the best result in whatever she does. Talking about her journey as an entrepreneur, she says, “as I read somewhere ‘Entrepreneurs commit to something imperfect and spend their lifetime perfecting it’. My journey has been full of challenges, struggles, and downfalls, and yet striving ahead with an unindented mindset. There are lows but that’s how life is, no one promised it would be easy.”

Any entrepreneur, be it a man or a woman, derive their inspiration from someone very close to them. When you are surrounded by people who have always been dedicated to working and have given their heart and soul to it, then you are inspired and motivated from the get-go. Talking about what inspires her the most to do good every day, Rajni says, “my inspiration has been my father always watching him all my childhood working relentlessly and achieving success each day or learning and growing each day.”

She joined the business of fastener manufacturing which was started by her father-in-law and her husband. “Our vision as a fasteners brand was to provide all fasteners requirements for our customer under one roof with the best of quality such that they get hooked to our products for life,” adds Rajni. When you are an entrepreneur, you can’t shy away from the challenges and roadblocks on your way. You need to deal with them day-in and day-out. “All challenges are big even the smallest one can be the most challenging one but sure surviving the covid times has been the biggest challenge to date,” she explains.

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