‘My connection with Punjab is inexplicable’

Talk about honest journalism, a triumphant news channel or an ace social media influencer; Simranjot Makkar tops all charts and breaks all barriers to put forward his pathbreaking views.   


Tell us about your brand and your connection with Punjab.

My Brand lives by the name “On Air”. Deeply rooted in Lehnda, Punjab (a region in Pakistan), my upbringing and connection with Punjab are inexplicable. It is since we have migrated here that the connection has not only been built but grown stronger like never before.

What is that one thing about Punjab that you would miss if you shifted to another state or country?

After traveling across the globe, I can safely put it out there that there is no culture like that of Punjab. Love, peace, and warmth that reside in the hearts of every citizen in Punjab are irreplaceable. Without communalism or a religious bar, love is boundless be it in a town or a village. There is luxury and materialism all over the world but it’s the feeling of belongingness that one can only witness here is what I would say I miss the most.

If we talk about the Political industry, where do you think Punjab is lacking in today’s time that can be improved? How?

Ever since Punjab has witnessed a crisis of the fundamental demands and a lack of a much bigger federal structure, the mass has not seen an honest big leader in the past thirty years. Undoubtedly Punjab has experienced the rule of leaders like Prakash Singh Badal and captain Amrinder Singh but no one of stature can bring Punjab out of the existing crisis.

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