MOBE – the best of Dance, Dine, DJ

Adding on to the happening city, Chandigarh, the Ministry of Bar Exchange has set the bar high when it comes to serving the best of food and the most exquisite lounge experience. Xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx started with this with a passionate mindset and with a thought to serve their customers with a beautiful experience. From the most happening DJs in town to the lovely ambiance, they have it all. In a conversation with Urban Melange, they tell us how they don’t believe in being monotonous and aspire every day to do something new.

Q. How do you define success?

Success to us is the nectar of hard work. It’s all the effort, determination, hard work, and passion that help nurture success.

Q. What motivates you to break through the challenges that you face?

We accept every challenge that life throws at us and then just nail it. Ants are such teeny tiny creatures but still, we have a lot to learn from them. The ants never give up, if things don’t work out one way, find another and then just push harder to get it done. Every challenge accomplished adds to skills learned and experiences gained so why not!

Q. What takes up the most of your day?

 Most of our day is all about the hustle to innovate & improve.  There’s no place for monotony here!

Q. If given a chance, what decision of yours would you change? And why?

We think there’s nothing as such that we would want to change altogether. Our decisions good or bad, make us who we are. A person always learns from a bad decision, and we think there’s nothing wrong with learning, right? A good decision marks our track but the bad ones might create an alternate path for growth, so you never know, just believe in yourself and do what your heart says.

Q. What is your next big step?

We over 5 years have learned a lot and the brand has been immensely loved so we guess the next big step would be – Expansion. We are now open to franchising; you’ll hopefully see more of MOBE in the coming years.

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