‘3D and Virtual Reality are my next big steps’

Being inspired by the wonderful architecture of the city beautiful – Chandigarh, Daanish Singh, Principal Architect, TBC Architecture decided to choose this path and make a career in this field. Started in 2013, TBC Architecture is an Architecture and Interior Design Firm where Daanish aspires to convert one’s dream house into reality. Over a conversation with us he tells us about his journey and how he gets inspired by his mother and wife.

Q. Tell us something about your journey till now

I was born and brought up in Chandigarh and living in this architectural haven is one of the reasons for my choice of profession. I went to St Johns High School, which gave me the best years of my life. Thereafter, I was lucky enough to get into Chandigarh College of Architecture and during my time there I was selected to go to the National School of Architecture in Toulouse, South of France on a full scholarship for a master’s Programme in Architectural Conservation and Preservation, this experience introduced me to Neo-Classical Architecture which is one of my forte’s today. Having no family background in architecture, this field was absolutely new to me at the time. Today, however, after having spent 8 years in the field and numerous projects later I feel grateful to see how far my team and I have come.

Q. How do you define success?

As long as someone is passionate about what they do and is doing something that makes them utilize their potential to the fullest, I believe they are successful.

Q. What motivates you to break through the challenges that you face?

Challenges come aplenty in our profession, but seeing my designs and vision transform into reality, is a huge motivation that allows me to overcome any challenge that comes my way.

Q. What takes up the most part of your day?

While some days it is site visits and some days it’s client meetings, but usually, I try to spend most of my time on the sketchpad doing what I do best.

Q. If given a chance, what decision of yours would you change? And why?

Architecture is continuously evolving, today through social media we end up connecting with lots of like-minded people. To experience this connection is a great feeling and given a chance, I would’ve stepped into the realm of social media much sooner than I have.

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