‘KIEV PURE GRAIN VODKA’ is inspired by the old traditions and unmatched class of Kiev city of Ukraine. KIEV is perfectly balanced and sophisticated premium vodka; ultimate for all cocktails. KIEV has the finest tripled distilled alcohol which lends its rich and smooth unparallel taste. The crystal bottle is as iconic as it gets, with a pleasant and mellow flavor. KIEV’s silky smoothness notes, neutral, no odor, no spirit in nose leaves its audience spellbound. Thought it is KIEV but just a water thing with the sophistication of originality and innovation. KIEV is one of the smoothest vodkas you’ll ever try because of its exceptional quality at a reasonable price.

Initially, it is launched in the city of beautiful Chandigarh and getting a thumping response from the customers. KIEV is available in the variants of 750ml, 375ml, and 180ml.

The sophistication celebrated through the brand’s unique design aesthetic leaves a lasting impression. The transparent view of Kiev city through the bottle is eye-pleasing and gives a regal status to the brand, making it a class apart. KIEV’s smooth and flawless palate with lively, refreshing accomplishments makes the product a prestigious class.

The stunning looks of packaging exude authenticity and stand out from the clutter. The transformational qualities of the product are reflected in its shape and structure as its design is not distracted or be overwhelmed by what’s is out there.

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