Do what makes you happy

Gaining the strength from the eternal power and his mother, Sukhpal Gill, owner, Jaspal Developers believes in hard work and working with passion. Maintain a perfect balance in his professional and personal life, he dreams to achieve success with integrity and determination. In a conversation with Nikita Agarwal, he talks about his journey and how he gets inspired by Gurbani.

After starting his journey in medical school, he realized that he would be happier if he pursues his passion in business and takes his forward. Telling us about his journey, Sukhpal says, “Life can often seem to be chaotic when you start on your path of achieving your goals and ambitions. I initially had to balance my familial responsibilities with my own ambitions. As such, I attended medical school, because I felt I owed it to my family. Yet, in the end I couldn’t toss aside my passion. My father’s passing invoked a moment of reflection to make a change.  It taught me critical thinking, organizational skills, and perhaps most importantly the virtue of persistence. Those skills I currently use to continue my father’s business.”

For some, success has monetary meaning whereas others define it with the traits of trade, defining success in his own words, Gill says, “success for me is a combination of integrity and grit. For me, the process is about collaborating with new people to achieve goals while still acknowledging my shortcomings. It is crucial for me to have my loved ones around, with who I can share bad days and celebrate the joys along the way.” There is nothing better than the supreme power to get inspired from. The same is Sukhpal’s thoughts as he says that Guru Sahib’s words and his mother are two driving forces in his life. “Gurbani enlightens my path in the darkness of doubts. My mother, through her own life has instilled within me endurance, patience, and serenity. That internal strength keeps me going when times get tough,” Gill adds.

Being in the real estate business, one needs to be on his toes all day, and that takes up most of their working hours. “Visiting sites and attending business phone calls occupy most of my day. Maintaining a social network is also an integral part of my daily routine,” states Sukhpal. Even after being successful, when one looks back there is something or the other that you might want to do differently in life if given another chance. When asked about the same, Sukhpal says, “If I could do it over, I would have loved to engage my studies in business courses instead of medical schooling. Most of my learning has been hands-on, which is important in the business world, but it would have been great to pick up a skill or two from the business studies.”

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