Taking life as it comes Tushar Kumar

A civil engineer by profession with two degrees and two advanced diplomas in the field, Tushar Kumar is currently working as a Building Manager with Facility Management in Victoria, Australia. He still keeps his mind and eyes open for any opportunities to learn something new.

I am a believer of the saying, ‘this too shall pass’, Tushar tells us about his journey, “the journey has been full of transitions in all aspects till date. It would be unfair if I said it was a smooth ride as life begins as you step out of your comfort zone. I have been always open to opportunities since the start and made sure to always be open to learning and experiencing. Life however does teach you that nothing ever lasts…not the good times, and definitely not the bad. I have therefore learned to take things as they come.” He says that success for him is always about doing your best. Though, according to him, giving a definition to success would be a subjective concept because you never actually fail. Either you win or you learn but you never lose. “Whatever brings out the best in you, that’s a success whether deemed in a personal way or professional,” adds Tushar.

Sorted in his ideologies, he has his own philosophy of dealing with challenges. While talking about this, Kumar says, “facing challenges is never easy but that’s what life is at every turn. If I am ever stuck in difficult and tough situations, I always ask this question myself “Why you started”? Because tough times don’t last but tough people do.” Along with his work, he also makes sure to make his health also a priority. Talking about his daily routine, he explains, “my work takes the most part of the day, but I never stop looking for more opportunities to learn and introduce myself in life. Moreover, I make sure health is prioritised always even though I have a long day at work, I would never miss to work out.”

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