Menstrual Hygiene–is the need of the hour

Sakonsa’s #UNCOVERTHETRUTH Campaign teaching about Mensuration Health and Hygiene Courses empowering students and youth with fruitful information.

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights of human beings and expressing ourselves through our body language is a part of human nature. In a country like India where almost half of the population is youth, having knowledge of our body and its structure with its working is important. Menstrual hygiene education is the first step towards eradicating false beliefs and taboos imposed on women despite large-scale development activities and technological progress. Educating both women and men becomes necessary as the consequences of ill-informed practices by women done out of shyness and embarrassment affect not just women but the entire family and the society.

In reality, awareness regarding Menstrual Health and Hygiene is lacking in all aspects of Indian Society. National Family Health Survey 2015-2016 estimates that of the 336 million menstruating women in India about 121 million (roughly 36 percent) women are using sanitary napkins, locally or commercially produced. A 2016 study titled – ‘Menstrual hygiene management among adolescent girls in India’ involving nearly 100,000 girls in India found that almost 50,000 did not know about menstruation until the first time they got their period. The idea of Menstruation and talking about it openly in society is said to be taboo.

The need of the hour is not just education about the Menstrual Cycle and how it works but also what products should be used in the menstruation period so the impact on the health of girls and even the environment is less. The menstruation cycle is not an issue but a way of life that makes women stronger. The need to give a forum to this topic is not just a job but a responsibility so that women around us will feel safe and free while talking about their health.

But merely stating these facts won’t solve this global issue. Then who will? Maybe one day these supporters of false beliefs will wake up and abandon these myths. Until then is it ok to let innocent minds be the victims of these atrocities? To find a midway, Sakonsa started a campaign #uncoverthetruth which will primarily deal with ways by which we can reduce the shame associated with feminine hygiene products. It’s a small step but will be effective enough to shatter myths wandering around us for ages. Let’s uncover the truth, Let’s talk about feminine hygiene products (FHPs).

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