‘Marketing is the language a brand speaks’

Sham Jewellers

Entering her family business through the marketing department, Arshdeep Khurana, CEO, Sham Jewellers derives her creative side and his dedication towards work from her parents. The spirit of innovation inspires her the most and it shows in her strategies and working style as well. In an interesting conversation with Urban Melange, she talks about how marketing has evolved over the years and what are her plans for the near future.

Q. When did you know that you wanted to pursue marketing as a profession? Tell us about your journey.

From the very early years of my existence, I loved dividing my energies amongst various activities. Although my convent schooling made me keep a strong focus on academia, my spare time stood spent divided amongst an array of creative endeavours. I began composing poetry in my pre-teens, trying my hand at music through the piano and indulging in arts and crafts at a basic, and then advanced, level. As years passed and I began visualizing a career for myself, one with a lot of creative space for experimentation seemed like the right choice for me. My love for divergent thinking to create convergent results led me to choose marketing as my career, for which I pursued my post-graduation in Advertising and Marketing Communications from St. Xaviers College, Mumbai. Having acquired theoretical and practical skills from this course and the subsequent internship at an ad agency, WAT Consult, Mumbai, I travelled back to my hometown, Chandigarh, to join my father, Harinder Singh, in his jewellery business, Sham Jewellers. I entered the firm through the marketing department, soon expanding my roles to other departments as well. Currently, I am the CEO of the company, while still performing a pertinent supervisory role in all its marketing activities.

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