Add a pinch of personal touch to marketing 

With passion, experience, and diligence, they strive to deliver the best to their clients. Adding a personal touch to their marketing strategy,  they make sure that their clients feel comfortable and can develop trust with them. Vaneet Garg, MD, Vaneet Infra says that they started with a mission of ‘housing for all’ and work every day to deliver happiness across various income segments. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, he talks about his journey, marketing strategy and shares a few tips for investors looking forward to buying a property.

Q. tell us about your journey as an entrepreneur and how did you decide to step into real estate?

I used to work with Kotak Mahindra Bank initially and in 2011 I decided to leave my job and start my own business in real estate. Initially, I started as a channel partner, and then we went into our own development and took up projects for marketing and sales. Since then, we have been moving forward and look forward to doing even better in the coming future. My father was doing real estate for decades but not in a very organized manner. So, I had the vision to organize it and run it in a professional style. We had a vision to provide homes in the affordable segment and our vision and mission has always been, ‘housing for all.

Q. What has been the most effective marketing strategy for you in real estate?

Vaneet Infra is into the affordable housing segment and primarily into plotting and selling commercial spaces. So, unlike other people where marketing strategy depends on ‘x’ number of environmental factors like waiting time for the consumers, financing projects, etc. in our sector the customer can see the land there itself and we facilitate them in the process of loans from nationalized banks and help them in registering their land there itself. So, there is no gap or delay in the entire process, the customer can buy what he sees instantly. We aren’t selling anything on a piece of paper, we sell something which is right in front of the customer’s eyes, and they can choose their plot as per their preferred direction or location. When we talk about the affordable segment, the piece of land is available from 66 sq. yards going up to 150 sq. yards. Vaneet Infra believes in providing households to everybody across various income groups and it is not primarily being driven by the upper class.

Our strategy has been to move across all segments, and we try to cater to everyone’s needs. We have a dedicated team who makes sure to develop a personal connection with every client and we make them feel comfortable and help them in getting the best deals. We are also very active digitally and reach our customers through all the available channels.

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