Making Brands Visible: Scribbles Design

Juggling between various roles that she plays in a day, Devika Ahluwalia, Art Director, Scribbles Design has been successfully making a mark in the industry with her brand for over 20 years now. An inspiration for all the budding women entrepreneurs, Devika has seen the perspective of people changing towards women in all these years. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, she talks about advertising and being a woman entrepreneur.

Q.1 Tell us about Scribbles Design? When did it start?

We are a 22-year-old company, my business partner Manav Katyal and I started the brand in the year 2000. I take care of the design part as I am the Head of the design and Manav takes care of the financial and client servicing of the company. I was married in the city, I wanted to build my own name, I wanted to chase my dreams & create something extraordinarily creative. I started with just one computer at my parent’s servant quarter.  At that time there were few agencies in Chandigarh but no design agencies specifically.

We are a hard-core design studio, our strength is designing but with the changing times, we have upgraded ourselves & our creative side since the clients expect a 360-degree solution. We have also incorporated client servicing, branding, social media, website, etc. but primarily we focus on designing. We have a mixed bag of clients, but the jewelers are for the win since most of our clients are established jewelers of the country. We are also sole designers for some of the reputed food industries of the city & around the city.

Q. When did you decide to take up designing and art as your profession?

Everything happened organically. I am from a family of artists and journalists, that is how advertising and art were always around & appealing to me. I grew up with creative minds, lived with the art & that’s how I became inclined towards art. The art & artists’ imagination intrigued me to my very core. I decided to pursue my career in art as my inclination toward the subject brewed over time. I later realized it was indeed my calling.  After my graduation in an advertisement, there was no looking back and so I further completed my master’s in the advertisement as well.

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