Making a Difference in People’s Lives

It is not easy to juggle between your profession and your passion, but Rumeet is a perfect example of someone who can do it perfectly. She is a psychologist and also an avid artist, her paintings go by the name of AR Bains and are currently showcased at Vanity Box. In conversation with Urban Melange, she shares her journey till now between her patients and her canvas.

Q. Why clinical physiology? Tell us about your journey till now?

I had a great experience with a therapist when I was young. I found a therapist who helped me quite effectively. That was when I decided that I wanted to be a psychologist. I have empathy for those who struggle with their mental illness. I find this role very rewarding and it’s my passion. My journey has been amazing, it gives me a purpose in life when I see positive results in people. I feel immense gratification and satisfaction when I see smiling clients more assured and confident about themselves and about their existence.

Q. How do you prepare yourself for the everyday challenges?

A clinical psychologist is responsible for a varied set of roles. They are assigned first to identify emotional, psychological, and behavioral issues. This is followed by developing and implementing treatment plans, and the therapeutic process. Also, keep a check on the patient and his/her improvement records. As a clinical psychologist, I prepare every day for a new challenge and try to enable myself to be better prepared in finding a resolution so that I can save someone from being clinically depressed or feeling helpless. As a psychologist, you are often challenged to understand phenomena from a range of different perspectives, which is a useful skill when listening to the thoughts and opinions of others. Fully investing yourself in a process of finding a common understanding between yourself and others encourages resolution.

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