Reshaping Ayurveda with Yukti Herbs

Known as the Science of Life, Ayurveda has been in our country for centuries. Giving it a new look and making its magic more appealing to the youngsters, Yukti Herb is here to take Ayurveda to every home. In conversation with Saakshi Verma, Founder and Managing Director, Yukti Herbs, she talks about the brand and how Ayurveda is being accepted as the go-to treatment for many.

Ayurveda is the root of Indian medicine and heritage. People like Saakshi Verma, Founder and Managing Director, Yukti Herbs, proudly are working towards giving Ayurveda a new look for the young generation to try the magic of this ancient wellness technique. In talking about Yukti Herbs, Saakshi says, “I have always been passionate about business in the healthcare industry. During my time in the United States and over the pandemic, I learned the importance of a proper and reliable healthcare system, which increased my interest to work in this sector. Over the same time, people across the globe realized the credibility of Ayurveda and that is when I started my research by meeting experienced professionals in the field. I found out that Ayurveda is promising but has not been improvised or changed with changing times and that is exactly what Yukti Herbs is all about – bringing ingenious solutions to modern-day health problems while keeping the integrity of this traditional system intact.”

Further talking about people’s perception, Saakshi says that people think of Ayurveda as a slow, uncertain, and expensive method of treatment. “We are determined to change this mindset by preparing the most effective formulations in the most affordable, palatable, and ‘easy-to-take’ forms. All products are made from the best quality herbal concentrates that are proven to work quickly and effectively on the human body. Our product range accommodates products that are affordable to people of all strata of society. Yukti Herbs is reshaping Ayurveda and is the first to introduce herbal shots, herbal premises, and herbal washes,” she adds.

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